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We are all aware of the term Cloud Computing and how popular it has become recently. Although, there are many of us who have heard of it but still do not make use of it in their business processes for various reasons and the major one being not understanding the actual benefits of the cloud.

Here we look at certain distinctive advantages one has with cloud computing and are not available with traditional IT services:


Consumption based billing

The ability to be charged for only the amount of resources you use is the most beneficial business benefit of cloud computing technology. Initially, it was not possible to get IT resources so flexibly. Businesses had to procure IT infrastructure and necessary equipments in advance based on the estimated demand.

But when the demand used to exceed there was no easy way to meet it which resulted in issues. And at times when the demand was low and resources were left idle there was under-utilization of available capacity leading to waste of resources. This was a bigger problem for many businesses with volatile or intermittent demand.

The introduction of pay per use model in cloud computing has completely changed that. Now, it is possible for businesses to get the desired resources from the cloud vendor and pay for the actual amount of resources used as opposed the resources procured earlier. This saves a lot of cost and also increases the efficiency of the business.


Resource Scalability

Often one is faced with a sudden increase in resource needs for which one is not prepared and it leads to disruption of services. To avoid such circumstances it is essential to provide the necessary resources without delay. Cloud computing offers resource scalability which allows you to get the necessary resources in no time and thereby prevent failures. The resources can be increased or decreased as per needs and also paid for according to the usage. This allows business the ability to get resources as and when needed without any delay.


Better Security

With the high security protocols and encryption methods deployed by cloud hosting providers it becomes nearly impossible for cyber criminals to break through and get access to the users data. In addition, since the data is stored at remote locations so when your business is affected by any malicious activity your data is still safe with the provider. Even if there is any natural calamity that may affect your business premises you can always restore your data back from the provider and be up and running in no time.

These are some of the highlighted and vital benefits of cloud computing and there are many more ways in which cloud services can make businesses more productive and efficient. You can discover these benefits by experiencing the cloud yourself.