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| Big Changes To Google Rankings

Google is without doubt the most commonly used Search Engine in Europe and many other parts of the world. Therefore, it’s important to optimise your website to achieve the highest ranking possible, and in turn attract more visitors to your website. But… Gooogle, doesn’t actually reveal what it’s looking for in a website. So, its left to professionals like Code:Clinic to test, experiment and analyse data to work it out.

You’ve probably heard people throwing around names like Google ‘Panda’ and Google ‘Penguin’. But what does this mean? Well these are simply names that the Google staff give to their versions of the code that examines websites and determines their ranking.

Google’s Panda updates were targeted at “content farms” – poor quality content and spam with a view to ensuring that junk doesn’t appear high up in the search results as this ultimately affects people’s confidence in Google’s search results (and the advertising which accompanies it).

The more recent Penguin update started looking at the linking profiles of web sites and penalised sites which were practising “black hat” SEO techniques.