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At Code Clinic, we regularly use different tools and frameworks for our projects inorder that we can ultimately deliver the best solution(s) for our client(s).

As such, we recently undertook a project that made use of the CherryFramework. This offered us a number of advantages, however, when we needed to move the site from our Development Environment to the clients shared hosting, we were faced with several errors relating to the PHP compiler.

Thanks to a concise post over at SmallMouth Media Group we were able to determine that this was a common problem and was due to the less file caches. Below, we’ve expanded a little on the solution linked above, we hope it’ll save you some time and frustration.

You’ll need to launch your FTP client and browse to the following directory in your sites file structure:


Then you’ll need to locate the following files:

For Cherry Framework itself:


Then inside your child theme (this may be different for you, but find the .cache files and delete them if you’re getting errors):

theme root/style.less.cache

Hopefully, it’ll save you some time and frustration.