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As a relatively new company in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, it’s important for all of us at Code Clinic, that we continue to stay several steps ahead of our older and more widely established local competitors in terms of innovation, cost, quality and service.

Therefore we are always looking at how we can maintain this distinction. That is why we have spent several months analysing our I.T. infrastructure both from an internal perspective and that of the products we deliver to our clients. As such we are currently in the final stages of of moving our web servers from a U.S.A. based VPS to a West European node of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Network.

This process has already had a great impact on how we run our internal data systems as well as significantly improving our client facing products and services. Perhaps the most high profile benefit from our new set-up is that by moving away from servers in America, our infrastructure and our clients data is out of the immediate reach of the N.S.A. and the lack of trust this raises.

Secondly, by having all our servers in the Western Europe node(s) of the Azure Network, all our websites are served from a much more local starting point. Thus all the websites we host are now served much faster to our core userbase in German and Great Britain than was previously possible. Add to this the additional speed of delivery inherent with the Azure network over traditional non-cloud networks and it’s clear to see that the websites we host benefit significantly.

A quick demonstration of this is evident when comparing the page load speed of the Code Clinic Web Design site which uses a modern design, content management system and large graphic elements in relation to the very basic and arguably outdated websites of some of our local competitors.

Another key factor in making this transition was the great flexibility it provides us an organisation. We can quickly and easily upgrade and downgrade servers as required to meet our organisational needs and thos of our clients. If for example a client was planning on running a large scale marketing campaign we can simply add more memory and processors(CPU) to their server for the period of the campaign to cater for the increased demand. Or should the client expect a lot of interest from Ireland or South America for example, we can quickly add a content deliver network, geo-replication or even set-up a series of linked servers at various locations around the planet. Essentially, we can respond quickly and cost effectively to whatever are the short and long terms needs.

With this infrastructure flexibility, also comes flexible pricing. This means we only charge our clients for the services used, the period of time it was used for, and how heavily it was used. Conventional infrastructure pricing dictates that if you need a new service you need to sign up for a minimum period and for a fixed cost. That, however, is not how it works on Azure, if Code Clinic or a client needs a service for a few days, thats not a problem. We can simply set-up the required service and then remove it when its no longer needed!

As a result we are now running several Ubuntu Linux servers which are optimised for our in-house content management system (Clinical CMS) which is an expansion of the World’s leading CMS WordPress. This is alongside several Windows Server 2012 systems on which we host our enterprise level custom built applications as well as our Email servers. So, we now have a rock solid infrastructure thhat is flexible, fast AND saves us significant outgoings over our previous infrastructure. Which means we are able to pass all these benefits on to our rapidly growing number of clients.

If you’d like to see how we can help your organisation or business get the very online presence &/or advertising campaign, please kontakt us via our Manchester(UK) or Neumarkt i.d. Opf(DE) offices.