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Imagine if WordPress, an already powerful content management system, could be made more powerful. That is exactly what we have created with Clinical CMS. It is like we took a hero and turned them into a superhero. We have taken the functionality and usability of WordPress and given it an upgrade. Clinical CMS combines WordPress with additional features that increase security, make design easier, the admin experience more enjoyable and more.

Our CMS platform gives new business owners and design experts the ultimate CMS experience. We have created 70+ options and tweaks ideal for all WP users. We have done this by creating a number of custom plugins, which when added to WordPress, make our client’s sites faster, more secure, easier to maintain, and they keep the spammers away. Having your website supported by a powerful framework like Clinical CMS will help your business gain new customers. We will look at some of the features of Clinical CMS and how they help you grow your business.


Better Performance Upgrades

If your website is slow, you are losing money. Whether it’s a line for a great movie, a slice of pizza or something else, people hate waiting. Last week, I watched a restaurant lose a potential $600 in under 15 minutes. About 30 people walked out of the restaurant because the wait was too long. If each person spent an average of $20, then the company lost $600.

The average user expects your site to load in under two seconds. The attention span and willingness to wait for a site to load is incredibly low. A website that fails to load fast enough will produce lower sales results. When it comes to site speed, even half a second can have a huge impact. That is why we stress the importance of site performance and speed. Every second counts. Anybody that leaves your site because it is too slow is like flushing money down the toilet. You likely paid to get the traffic there, but failed to convert, which is costly. A faster site speed equals more sales.

Your site’s speed also has an impact on your SEO rankings. If visitors are clicking on your site, then leaving, it indicates to Google that your site is not relevant to what searchers want. A slow site speed equals less organic traffic, which means less sales. How much is a slow site speed costing your business? It could be costing your company thousands of dollars just because it loads in 2.1 seconds rather than 1.8 seconds. For example, if a faster site increased your organic traffic by 200 visitors, with a conversion rate of 2 percent, you could gain an additional four sales per month. How much of a difference would an additional four sales make for your company? For most businesses, this would change their business.

You need a platform that improves the performance of your site. Clinical CMS improves your site’s speed by making a page’s file size smaller, it loads core WordPress code for those who have the code cached, optimizes CSS and HTML code, and it utilizes browser caching.

Our performance features can enable image and code caching, enable compression to make pages and images smaller, and adds a content delivery network, meaning your site will run a lot faster. Don’t worry. Our platform does all of this automatically, There is nothing you have to worry about. If however, you need to fine-tune things, that’s easy to do too.


Additional Security Features

Many businesses that use WordPress think their sites are 100 percent safe. While they are pretty safe, they are often attacked by spammers. I have heard a lot of horror stories about companies who have their website hacked. WordPress is often targeted because it is so popular. It is often attacked through brute force logins. As a result, we have designed code and features to improve the security of your website. Our security features block brute force logins, so you can be protected from potential hacking attempts.

Another way businesses find their websites being hacked is because they have old plugins and themes. Clinical CMS allows your site to be monitored and have updates performed on your plugins and WordPress. We can handle all of this on your behalf to keep your site secure, and so you can use the latest features. Getting your site hacked and cleaned can cost a lot of money in lost revenue and maintenance costs. Don’t wait until you are hacked to take security seriously. It will end up costing you far more than a regular maintenance program or having Clinical CMS installed.


Improve Your Site’s SEO

There are an unknown number of factors that Google uses to rank a website. However, there are best practices such as alt tags, meta data, linkbacks in comments and more. For example, a sitemap tells Google’s spiders the hierarchy of your website and improves your site’s indexing. Most business owners fail to rank their sites because they fail to handle all of the technical SEO. I don’t blame them. As a business owner, you have a lot of other tasks that keep you busy and SEO shouldn’t be one of them.

Our Clinical CMS platform can improve your SEO by creating proper alt tags through an auto generator, it places a ‘nofollow link’ on any link that is left in a comment, and it auto generates a sitemap. In other words, the platform follows SEO best practices automatically. Our SEO features mean there is no need for 3rd party SEO plugins.


Better User Experience

Clinical CMS improves the user experience for both your site visitors and you. Your customers will experience a better user experience from improved site speed, site optimization and photo optimization. Your photos can be enhanced, compressed, optimized, sharpened to improve your user experience. A great user experience can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line. Clinical CMS makes WordPress easier to use — no coding involved. You can make sure your site is optimized for search engines without worry, have an easier time sharing content on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and G+, and increase the appearance of your site.

We put your data into useful and easy to understand graphs. For example, we place how much memory and disk space your site is using, as well as, how much memory and disk space is allocated to your site. We also offer support details and links to resources about WordPress on the admin dashboard. We do all of this to make WordPress easier for you. Under our appearance tab, we offer you the ability to customize your login screen and use custom skins. For example, here is a custom login we created for our website. You can also restrict the access to the admin area and the admin bar so your employees or clients do not gain access to the admin related parts of your website.

Your website exists to help with your sales process, so it should produce positive results. This means you need a website that is fast, SEO optimized and secure. You could do all of this yourself, but you have enough on your to-do list. Clinical CMS can handle many of these tasks automatically or with little to no hassle. You can access all of the hidden fine-tuning controls in WordPress without having to touch a single piece of code. You can optimize and streamline WordPress to suit your needs, or simply use our default settings.

If you are ready to improve your site and ultimately your sales, then take the next step and implement our powerful platform today.