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Site Translations

In this modern time of globalisation, lots of businesses are striving to get the perfect translation and localisation services to reach their international markets via the Internet. Whether that’s through social media marketing, search engine optimisation or website content, Code Clinic offers the perfect solution to achieving these goals.

As a Web design and development company rather than a simple translation service we offer a new and unique perspective on multilingual websites. One of our Founders is English and has lived in Germany for many years. The other is a German native that lived in the United Kingdom for many years. They’ve both lived in various regions of the UK and several other European Countries.

Do you know how much American English irritates British people? Are your target customers in the North of a Country, whilst your website content uses language and terms preferred by those from the south?

The whole team is multilingual which allows us to offer high quality effective websites to the Nuremberg metropolitan area and our many clients based across Europe. We also work with a small group of amazing translators for those languages that we don’t already speak in-house.

As a result we have a huge depth of experience of language and the often significant differences in how the same language is used across Countries, cities and regions. Not only does this give us an in-depth understanding of how language is used, it makes us appreciate just how important the nuances of the words used are in a given context and how to use this for maximum benefit and not alienate readers.

We often hear about designers and translators clashing over how a site translation no longer fits the design of the website, since translations are rarely the same length of text as the original language for which the website was designed. A good translation is important, but so is a consistent design across pages and translations.

Did we mention that we are Web Developers, Designers & Translators? At Code Clinic we can take care of your website in full, all its goals, design requirements, development and it’s translations. We can incorporate translation into the design and development processes. This ensures that your site has the tools for translation and maintains its design, branding and brand message across every page regardless of the language being viewed by your site visitors.

So, if you’re looking for a multi-lingual web design company in Neumarkt, Oberpfalz or Nuremberg regions that knows WordPress inside out, you’ve found us! Give Code Clinic – Neumarkts Website & Online Marketing Experts a call today on: +44 (0)161 509 5859.