Care Plans From A 24/7 Website Support Partner To Manage Your WordPress

WP Maintenance

Your online presence is too important to just launch and forget about. Whether it’s a simple online brochure, specialist e-commerce store, membership site or support platform, it’s typically the first interaction many people will have with your brand. It sets the tone and perceived quality of your products and services to your potential clients.

We understand that keeping your site looking great, protecting your clients data, securing the server & files, optimising images, plus doing S.E.O.  is no easy task when you’re not a trained WordPress specialist.

Our hassle free WP maintenance plans take the strain and reduce your expenditure whilst giving you expert support and guidance.

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We love WordPress! In fact we actually contribute to the core code, develop a whole set of WordPress plugins, and run an official WordPress community meetup in Regensburg.
Care Plans From a 24/7 Website Support Partner to Manage Every Aspect of Your WordPress Site.

WordPress Care & Maintenance Plans

More Options for All of Our Website Care Plans

Freedom and Flexibility

Weekly Reports

Full transparency into updates, uptime, backups, traffic, performance and our 24/7 WordPress maintenance service.

Having Someone to Call

Building relationships is a core principle of ours. We start by being reliable and always fast to respond.

Knowing Your Site Health

Feel assured and confident that your website is something you don’t have to worry about with monthly data-driven website reports.

Saving in Time & Expenses

A higher-performing website means more sales and conversions. We also cover most premium plugins and have streamlined processes in place.

Increased Lifetime Value

An optimised website lasts a lot longer as site performance stays great & the back office stays clean and organized.

Save More with Annual Plans

Get an even better value on our already industry-leading website maintenance packages when you pay upfront for a yearly plan.
Frequently asked Questions

Click the link below your chosen WP Maintenance Plan and you’ll be taken to our contact page. Simply complete the enquiry form (or give us a call) and let us know which plan you’d like to discuss.

One of our WordPress Care team members will contact you within 24hrs to explain the process and answer all your questions.

Unlimited edits do include edits to content on any page, changing banners, headers, or footers, changing plugin settings, CSS adjustments, blog content or context edits, adding a new landing page, formatting landing pages, changing images or text, adding coupon codes or updating shopping carts. 

Unlimited truly does mean unlimited too! 

Unlimited edits do not include custom development (PHP, plugins, themes, etc), updating custom code, any software or tools outside of WordPress, graphic design, building full pages to match an exact design, creation of content, rebuilding or building out a website or subdomain.



Included: You want us to upload blog content that you created with attached images that have been sent and formatted for WordPress with instructions

Not included: You want us to create a blog post, find images and upload to WordPress with no instruction for formatting



Included: You want us to add a new product to your WooCommerce store (for which you’ve provided all needed content).

Not included: You want us to create a custom checkout process for your WooCommerce store.



Included: You want us to install and set up a plugin to use its built-in functionality.

Not included: You want us to create new functionality that doesn’t exist in a plugin. (This would require custom development which may be available at an hourly development rate.)



Included: You want us to take the text that you emailed to us and use it to replace the current content on your About page.

Not included: You want us to write content for, or design your About page.

We’d be happy to help you with custom development as well. That kind of project is fully covered by our hourly work.

We sure do! Websites with advanced functionality like this require our Pro Plan, as do membership sites, multi-language sites, any sites with on-site payments, etc. They take more resources for us to manage so making sure you’re on the right plan means we’ll be able to dedicate what’s needed to keep your website secure, fast, and running smoothly.

No! We’ll work with any website regardless of where it’s hosted.

However, our WordPress Maintenance Plans currently include Premium WordPress Hosting with C2Hosting.

We understand that different organisations websites have different needs and proceedures that they have to meet. So we can also support your WP Care Plan on other hosting.

That being said, we may not be able to achieve your speed and security goals on a shared hosting provider as these are often under-powered with limited resources.

We’ve found from our experience that it’s best to keep everything tracked and online.

This means everyone has a record of the work that has been completed by our team as well as any queries you’ve had or requests you’ve made.

While we don’t offer phone support, we’ve made customer service a huge priority here at Code Clinic. You’ll find our email support fast, effective and friendly!

At Code Clinic our focus has always been on creating solid web presences for our clients at a great price with the minimum of stress.

Supporting our clients to get the best from their WordPress websites soon evolved into offering great value support and maintenance plans.

The reality is that most business owners and website admins aren’t experienced IT professionals, designers, marketers or developers.

So, we take the stress out of managing and maintaining your WordPress site and support you in your daily web related processes whilst taking care of the technical aspects.